hi i’m ashley, also known as fireflows or fire. i’m 13 & born on april 30. i’m a taurus sun, libra moon, and gemini rising. my enneagram is 4 & my mbti type is infp or enfp. i promise i am nice i need more friends <3

even if you’re too lazy to click interests or contact, check out “links”, it has black lives matter, hong kong, and lgbt resources and carrds

last updated on august 8, 2020


hello. if you see an underline, that means you can click on it for more info!

list of fandoms:
listed from most to least favorite

list of hobbies:
not listed in any particular order!

  • reading

  • writing

  • music

  • gaming

  • drawing

  • linguistics (obscure moment)

  • youtube

  • sitcoms


  • My timeZone is EST (eastern standard time).

  • I am filipina-american (fil-am?). My mom is filipina and my dad is from the usa

  • Unfortunately this does not automatically mean I am bilingual (wish it did though) and i only speak english

  • my favorite color is purple

  • my favorite animal is a red panda

  • Not to flex (ok exclusively to flex) i am in the “aig” which is the smart program... yes, i am very intelligent

  • i have refractive amblyopia

  • i love fruit


listed from most to least active (starting at the top left with most active)
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discord: fire#0316 (i will accept most/all requests)
email: [email protected]
spotify: FireFlows
itch.io: FireFlows
reddit: u/1747091
instagram: peppermimt
steam: WantedArsonist
twitter: fireflows7541
roblox: borkiiii
last.fm FireFlows

fer.al: flows
animal jam (both): firesometimesflows
duolingo: FireFlows
pinterest: FireFlows
ao3: kaishingeki
xbox: FireFlows#7541
flight rising: FireFlows
twitch: wantedarsonist
transformice: Flows#1885

my favorite rpg games!

  • oneshot (original)

  • hello charlotte (only completed the first chapter)

  • OFF (NOT FINISHED) (why is it so hard)

  • ib (not finished)

  • Project Kat

  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

  • Tomorrow Won’t come for those without ******* (NOT FINISHED)


favorite music artists / cover artists:

  • eve (utaite and also musical artist)

  • niru kajitsu (please if you love niru add me on discord or something i need to talk with more people no requirements i just need friends)

  • the oral cigarettes

  • doctrine doctrine (miyashita yuu is in this band!)

  • miyashita yuu

  • yoh kamiyama / ewe

  • hachiya nanashi

  • death grips

  • sou (utaite)

favorite songs:
if you know some songs i might like please tell me

my favorite youtubers:
not in any particular order, but the ones at the top are definitely more of my favorite

  • tom scott

  • daftpina

  • kappa kaiju

  • thafnine

  • danny gonzalez

  • jarvis johnson

  • drew gooden

  • kurtis conner

  • scott cramer

  • jacksepticeye

  • markiplier